8 Facts about Matthew Noszka [Never Hear Before]

Facts about Matthew Noszka

Want to know Facts about Matthew Noszka you never hear before? No worries! I have researched more than 20 blogs on the internet and come to a conclusion. I am providing you with the final results I found on the internet.

In this blog, I have listed some of the facts about Matthew and much more you need to know about this actor and model. But before coming to facts, let’s know who he is.

Who is Matthew Noszka

Matthew Noszka is America’s well-known actor born on 27th October 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. You will be surprised to know that he is not only an actor, he is also a handsome model. He is 30 years now in 2023. Matthew Daniel Noszka is the full name of this American Actor & Model.

His first modeling work was with Nike in 2014 and from there, his journey started. He also appeared in an American Romantic Comedy Film named “Let It Snow” in his career. The movie story was taken from He has also done one Talk show and 2 Television Series, which are The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Talk Show), Star (TV Series), and Tales (TV Series).

Matthew Noszka was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then he shifted to New York City. Matthew has worked as a model for many well-known brands, like,

Calvin Klein Nike
Versace Ralph Lauren
Hugo Boss Tom Ford
Moncler Levi’s

He was also on the list of the fifty fittest boys in the American well-known fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue in 2016. He is also the owner of a motorsport company named 412 Motorsport, which is situated in Los Angeles, California.

Matthew Noszka Instagram official profile has 1 Million+ Follower. He shares his stunning pictures and also posts his pictures with his wife Inanna Sarkis and his daughter Nova Noszka.

Matthew Noszka Facts

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I have listed some of the most interesting and known-unknown facts about him. I’m providing the list in detail below. There are many more shocking facts available on the internet. I will also list them one by one. So stay connected with me! Now without taking any of your important time let’s know 8 known unknown Matthew Noszka facts.

He Was Hired As Nike Model By His Instagram Picture

One of the most interesting and shocking facts about Noszka is he was selected by an agency. After some time he was selected as Nike’s Model. Isn’t that shocking news? More facts are below, check them out.

He Owns A Motorsport Company

Many of us don’t know about his Motorsport Company. 412 Motorsport is owned by this actor and model. This company is located in Sun Valley, California. This company is still growing day by day and according to similarweb, 412 Motorsport’s website got 9.6k monthly traffic.

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He Is The Grandson Of A Professional Basketball Player Stan Noszka

Stan Noszka is the grandfather of Matthew. Stan Noszka was a professional basketball player born on 19th September 1920. But sadly he is not with us anymore. He died on 15th November 1991 at the age of 71.

He Felt Awkward For His Halfnaked Picture

At the starting point of his career, when he started modeling for brands, he has to be shirtless for his photoshoot. But he feels very awkward and uncomfortable at the beginning but after taking some pictures, he got back his confidence. In one photoshoot he has to shoot pictures wearing only underwear and he also felt so much uncomfortable at first. It’s definitely uncomfortable to be almost naked in front of unknown people. But in the modeling industry, it is a common thing. But after some time he adjusted to this and give a confident look.

He Was Listed In Vogue Magazine

In 2016, Matthew was on the list of an American popular fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue for the 50 Fittest Boys. This was possible for his body measurements. He has an attractive personality and his height matches his personality. Matthew’s height is approximately 6 feet 2 inches.

Once He Studied In A University On Sports Scholarship

In his early life, he got a basketball scholarship and joined a university in Pittsburgh, named Point Park University. He was an Avid Baketballplayer. Looks like he was also interested in basketball like his grandfather Stan Noszka.

He Worked As A Construction Worker

You will be surprised to know that, he also worked as a construction worker when he was not in the Acting and Modeling industry. He started his career in 2014 and his first work was for one of the most popular brands Nike. That was a great achievement in his life, and from there he never stopped making his career successful.

He Has A Degree On Business

As I told you above, he studied at Point Park University in Pittsburgh on a Basketball Scholarship. He has also gotten a Business Degree from that University. But there is no information about the year he achieved that degree.


These are some facts about Matthew Noszka. He is a great actor and model. He is gaining a huge fanbase day by day. Hope to see much more from him.

Let me know if you know anything special about him or if you find any mistakes in this content. Stay connected with Biography Radar for more interesting facts about your favorite Actors.

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